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Accordion Shutters offer an affordable, durable means of protection against storms and intruders. Permanently fastened to your home, our manual accordion shutters are easily operated by one person from the inside or outside. You no longer have to get up on a dangerous ladder to secure your home before a storm. Accordion shutters are simple and safer.


  • If you are in the market for an affordable, easy-to-use

  • method of hurricane protection then the Genesis Accordion Shutter System is the right choice for you.

  • Our accordions are Florida approved and engineered to withstand winds of 175 mph.

  • From a simple window to enclosing a patio, our accordions can cover large spans to meet all of your needs residential or commercial.

  • We offer a variety of colors that can compliment your home and have proven to amplify the market value.

  • Our shutters can also be used to protect your home against hurricanes and extreme weather conditions, but they serve as a deterrent for possible forced entry and theft.

  • Eligible for a Yearly Insurance Discount

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Storm Panel Shutters are made of 22 gauge galvanized steel. They should be stored away while not in use and then installed during storm preparation. There are two systems: track and direct mount. 

Track system is easy to install as it requires NO HARDWARE and NO TOOLS. The track is permanently mounted and you can easily close the panels from inside or outside your home. 

Direct mount system is more commonly used now for new home construction as new home owners rather not have a track permanently mounted and visible at all times. Instead, there are threaded inserts with machine screws installed for you to access and use during storm prep. All you have to do is pull the screws half way, hang your panel and then secure screws to fasten to the shutters.

  • Can Withstand Wind loads of Up To 175 MPH

  • Impact Resistant

  • Inexpensive

  • Withstood Hurricane Andrew

  • Florida Building code & Miami Dade County Approved

  • Pre-cut For Easy Installation

  • Only Put Up In Case of a Storm

  • Eligible for a Yearly Insurance Discount

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