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Guardian Hurricane Protection Accordion Shutters


Accordion Shutters


  • Affordable, easy-to-use, Genesis Accordion Shutter System is the right choice.

  • Florida Building Code approved

  • Engineered to withstand winds of 175 mph

  • From a simple window, to enclosing a patio, our accordions can cover large spans to meet all of your needs residential or commercial.

  • Our shutters can also be used to protect your home not only against hurricanes and extreme weather conditions, but they serve as a deterrent for possible forced entry and theft

  • Eligible for Insurance Discount


Guardian Hurricane Protection

Be prepared for the next storm with our Accordion Shutters

Hurricane shutters are an important part of hurricane preparedness in the South Florida area and the Caribbean, as these regions are prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. Hurricane shutters are designed to protect windows and doors from high winds, flying debris, and water intrusion during a storm.

Accordion shutters: These shutters fold accordion-style and are mounted on either side of the window or door. They are made of metal or polycarbonate and can be locked in place for added security. Accordion Shutters are a popular product among our customers in the Caribbean for their durability and ease-of-use. When a storm is coming your way, you don’t want to wonder if your shutters are strong enough to withstand the wind and flying debris. And you don’t want to be struggling with storm shields that are hard to put up right before a storm. Accordion shutters allow you to quickly and easily secure your windows, doors, patio, and other openings on your property in Barbados. Heavy-duty nylon wheels let these shutters glide open and closed along their track. Accordion shutters lock securely at their center, and fold to each side of the opening when not in use.

Accordion Shutters  

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